Knitted Heart Stud with Cubic Ribbon Earrings

Knitted Heart Stud with Cubic Ribbon Earrings



Knitted heart stud with shimmer cubic stone edge
Cute acrylic bow charm with crystal heart stone accent
Adorable and Cozy vibe holiday joyful collection

Please be aware that our earrings feature titanium posts, which were selected for their hypoallergenic properties, making them less likely to cause allergies. It's essential to note that titanium looks darker than other alloys. Also, titanium can naturally oxidize when exposed to oxygen or chemicals, but this is not a defect. We recommend you clean the jewelry regularly with dry cloths. Enjoy your beautiful earrings worry-free!

- Nickel-free plated brass, Acrylic beads, Acrylic threads
- Titanium post
- Heart: 26x23mm

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